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Truck Driving is the Most Common Job in America

Posted on by VS Midwest Carriers

Truck drivers have always dominated the map when it comes to the most common career in America, however it hasn’t been as visual until recently. NPR did a study on using the data from the Census Bureau detailing the most common jobs in every state from 1978 to 2014. This excludes jobs such as “managers not elsewhere classified” and “salespersons not elsewhere classified” because they are too vague and broad.

In 1978, secretaries, farmers, machine operators and truck drivers were the most common jobs in the U.S.


1978 Job Census



Once 1994 came around, truck driving became one of the most common professions, which was previously held by secretarial positions.

1994 Job Census


By 2014, farming was greatly diminished and truck drivers took the top spot.

2014  Job Census


Some may say that truck driving is so overwhelmingly popular on the Census is because the category of “truck drivers” is combined with both truck drivers (semi-truck) and delivery people. But, the fact remains that truck driving is growing in popularity because job seekers are often looking for in-demand fields.

One reason that truck driving is still a common career choice is largely due to the fact that truck drivers are immune to two of the biggest trends that tend to overtake U.S. jobs, globalization and automation. This basically means that workers in China can’t do truck driving in Wisconsin and machines can’t drive cars.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of truck drivers throughout America despite it being one of the most common jobs. There are many conditions that contribute to the shortage, including an aging workforce, strict hours, stronger economy, and much more. Another factor is that 90% of carriers said they couldn’t find enough drivers who met the Department of Transportation (DOT) criteria.

Some companies are beginning to hire drivers that haven’t even completed school, but at V&S Midwest, we hire drivers that are experienced. The decision to be a truck driver is not only career changing, but also life changing. Finding the right company for you can take time, but it’s important to learn about your options. If you’d like to know more about truck driving in Wisconsin and about V&S Midwest in general, contact us today!

To read the full article about the Census Report from NPR, click here.

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