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Technology and Truck Drivers

Posted on by VS Midwest Carriers

With the overwhelming convenience of technology in today’s world, the use of CB radios has become limited. The years of truck drivers being free-spirited individuals who are all connected to the world with citizens band airwaves have drastically changed with technology. Today’s truck drivers just as connected to the web as the technophiles at every coffee shop. No matter what interstate you’re on, smartphones and tablets have become the best diversions for truck drivers all around.

The number of freight hauling trucks on the roads has risen to nearly 11 million. In an industry that has a growing amount of employees and where a few cents per mile per truck can add up to big money on a haul of thousands of miles. This makes trucking companies and owner-operators more and more concerned about efficiency. Apps for mobile devices are beginning to take the lead role in trucker tech, as they have in many other parts on modern life.

When thinking about a product shipping from Wisconsin to San Francisco in a trucker’s perspective, the driver will go through vast expanses of deserted open road as well as congested metropolitan areas. The truck driver has to take into account low overpasses, tight turns and restricted road access.

In the past, truck drivers would have to find the best route by looking at a map, listen to the radio for updates and hope that there wouldn’t be any stalled traffic, dead ends or bad weather. Even though those risk haven’t disappeared, drivers with smartphones and tablets are a few clicks away from the latest information on traffic, weather, routing, fuel prices, meal deals and anything else they might desire.

The app Trucker Tools provides routing information to optimize fuel consumption and suggests truck stops and rest areas. It also lets drivers record what they’ve hauled and where and keeps track of required permits.

There are also health-oriented apps, which can help truckers’ battle weight challenges that come with a sedentary job and roadside fast-food temptations.

Apps that keep track of transportation department weigh stations and regulations are another blessing in disguise. It is one of the most important part of any truckers job and now it’s easier than ever thanks to a simple device.

There’s 3G and 4G everywhere you go now which is another reason smartphones have taken over. Electronic logbooks and GPS units are now something that most truckers live with. Because most companies’ use GPS tracking to monitor where each truck is at all times, it means that there are less problems with the DOT and more time to keep working.

Most long-haul drivers admit that they need some kind of entertainment device in their trucks. Equipped with climate-control systems that run off small generators or hybrid batteries charged by the engine, an 18-wheeler’s sleeper can be the perfect place to watch television during rest breaks. Smartphones are perfect for entertainment by not only providing Netflix, but also providing a wi-fi hotspot for surfing the web.

New technology ensures that such trucks are operating with the best efficiency; fleet managers can monitor driving habits with information from sensors in the trucks that convey data such as vehicle speed, throttle position and fuel consumption.

Tracking your vehicles and keeping them updated with the newest technology is a wise decision for truck businesses. For more information about the updated technology we use and about truck driver jobs in Wisconsin at V&S Midwest, contact us today!

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