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Company | Owner Operator

“In the last year to date our Owner Operator turnover percentage is 0% (As of May 2015).  We have achieved this number by becoming a true business partner and listening to the needs of our owner ops.”

– Dave Van Handel

   CEO, Owner, Driver


V&S Midwest Carriers has long been known as a great business partner for owner operators. Great runs for great customers and an operations team committed to helping you maximize your equipment. Please stop and chat with one of our owner operators next time you see one on the road and see why they are with V&S Midwest Carriers, we are confident in what they’ll say about teaming up with us! Our approach is different than most, we believe in paying a fixed percentage rather than a fixed rate per mile so you get paid what you deserve.



85% gross outbound line haul billed rate + 100% lumpers and fuel surcharge paid

90% gross inbound line haul billed rate + 100% lumpers and fuel surcharge paid


2014 Owner Operator Stats

Single drivers can expect at least 125,000 miles per year

Team drivers can expect at least 225,000 miles per year

1.99 Total Revenue per loaded mile

1.77 Total Revenue per all miles (includes deadhead, averages 10%)

.43 Fuel Surcharge per loaded mile

1.56 per mile plus .43 fuel surcharge per loaded miles



Our owner operators are buying heavily discounted fuel at the same price as our company trucks. Along with your weekly deposit statements, we include a fuel savings report and fuel mileage report for your business. Unlike some companies, 100% of the discount is visible to you on your statement.

In 2014 the savings to our owner operators averaged .42 cents per gallon savings (18% fuel cost savings) over pump price (plus 1% card use fee).  That’s conservatively almost $9,000.00 savings per owner operator in 2014.

Pilot and Kwik Trip are our preferred fuel vendors



Your tractor must be in GREAT shape and pass OUR inspection.  Older equipment is fine as long as it is meticulously maintained.



In order to qualify for our 85% outbound /90% inbound pay, owner operators are required to put a aero qualified 53ft Air Ride REEFER trailer in our fleet and be willing to pull ours. You must obtain Bailee or Interchange offering coverage for non-owned trailers valued at $60,000.00. You are responsible for maintenance costs on your trailer.  Your trailer must be in GREAT shape and pass OUR inspection. Older equipment is fine as long as it is meticulously maintained.