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Your core business demands your attention… and your capital, let V&S Midwest Carriers drive your transportation costs down and remove your transportation liability risk with our dedicated services.
Let us know your transportation headaches and we will work on a customized solution tailored to you. You may need our services a couple hours per week or 24/7/365. You may need one driver, one truck, one trailer or many of each. If you are worried about company branding, we will gladly discuss wrapping our trailers and vehicles with your logo and colors.

Over the years we have partnered with customers who have cut their private fleet or made the decision that the benefits of dedicated service outweighed large capital purchases or multi year equipment leases in the temperature controlled and dry sector.

Your time is valuable, focus it on your business by pushing breakdowns, challenging D.O.T. compliance and driver shortage issues on us. Our staff works tirelessly to offer award winning service and we are available 24/7/365 for all issues. Let us become your partner in helping you realize your company’s mission and vision.


Bulk fuel purchasing – Because of the large quantity of fuel we purchase to move our trucks almost 17,000,000 miles per year, we are able to buy fuel in bulk from our preferred vendors. We are then able to pass these savings on to you.

Equipment – Our efficient fleet of trucks and trailers are updated continuously which saves on maintenance costs and fuel use. These savings help drive your costs down.

Technology – Through our TMS system, satellites, Electronic Date Exchange (EDI), Internet Data Interchange (IDI), Key Performance indicators (KPI) and document workflow, we have streamlined our processes to deliver efficiency for our customers.

Contact Eric Van Handel direct at 920-462-5012 or eric@vsmidwest.com for information.